Paradiso Backpacker Hostel Nelson

Paradiso Backpacker

42 Weka Street
Nelson, New Zealand


"Thank you, Paradiso has been such a great stay to live for a while in such a beautiful place, thanks Rhonda and Patrice for all your help."   Anna, Sweden 
"Had a great time here! What luxury for a backpackers!! Loved the sauna and pool. Hopefully see some of you in Norway soon!"   Tove, Norway
"I'll miss you paradiso, felt like home, I will be back, thanks Rhonda and Jagon"
Michelle, France
"I can t believe I am leaving after more than 3 weeks! The time was great and I met so many amazing people. I hope to see you all again."   Annette, Germany
"Finally leaving...longer stay than I thought it was so nice at your place, loved everything! Thx for everything!"   Laura, Berlin
"Paradiso, the only hostel where 4 days turn into a month and a half. But when you start calling a hostel "home" while you are travelling it might be time to move on. I will never forget the time here!!!"    Jack, UK
"Had been in awesome time in Nelson, Paradiso, markets, Centre of New Zealand, walks and of course Rhonda!! Will definitely be back."    Kari, San Francisco
"What to say when you leave home? Thanks Paradiso for so many good moments. On Bessy, on the court, in Nelson!"    Maggie, Holland
"What a great place!! Like a resort with your friends around! Great idea, will never forget the last week."    Anna, Sweden
"Fantastic Hostel, had a great time - especially on the bus! Rhonda and Jagon were great."
Lee, England
"That was a fabulous stay! Thanks for all the advice and help guys, loved everything especially my room. Nice to have own space and bathroom."    Ben, UK
"Luxury!! Keep this place the way it is, absolutely perfect. For a good price so much on offer to chill out."    Ellie, UK
"This is by far the most comfortable hostel that I have experienced! Thanks Rhonda."
Danie, South Africa
"Thanks for the nice quiet days in this hostel. Excellent room and showers."
Claire, Michaela, Nina